Donovan Quixote is an indie feature film about a black dude from Oakland, Ca who thinks America is trying to kill him. He concludes that the only way for him to be safe is to leave America, but family, finances and fate keep bringing him home.

The film follows Donovan McKindry through the years as he grows and learns to deal with black life in America and he stumbles upon the idea that he might be liberated if he just leaves the U.S.A.



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  • Personal Finance
  • Study Abroad in College
  • International Travel
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Therapy and Trauma in the Black Community
  • Indie & No Budget Filmmaking

We have talking points, worksheets and activities to stimulate discussion and thought and break boundaries with any demographic, age group or denomination.

You too can make a No-Budget movie!

What’s a No-Budget movie? A low budget movie is a hundred thousand dollars or less. A No-Budget movie is pocket change and favors.

Look for The Making of: Donovan Quixote to see how the production team used the tools at hand to make a feature film for almost no money. This will follow all the mistakes, the happy accidents and the plan to ‘keep it small, but make a big statement’ while maintaining day jobs, family lives and without a famous studio.

If you’re thinking about film school, or you just like watching a train wreck, this might be the web series for you!



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