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  1. theaurashow Says:

    Sophia Stewart and her incredible story; when in 1980 she wrote “The Third Eye” and got her copyrights on it the following year. Shopped it to Warner Brothers and got into with them. Finally here it is 2010 and she had sued and just won the Intellectual Property court case. They call her, ‘The Mother Of The Matrix.’ All those years she suffered. She took them to court many times. They offered her 5 million dollars, but that’s just a tear in a bucket of 250 billion dollars made from The Terminator and The Matrix movies. She has this thing about believing in the second coming of Christ and so she pitched her idea to the Wachowskis and to the maker of The Terminator. The FBI found out that lots of wrong doing took place with both movie coyrights.
    Shocking but true! When will they pay her for her work? Is it because she is african american, after all that was the 80’s when she wrote and shopped the movie treatments? SOS=Same old Shi……!

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